Jen Bradford Hair

Jen Bradford is one of the Bay Area's premiere hair stylists with over 14 years' experience in all elements of hair design, from cutting and styling to her vast chemical expertise in haircolor, texture restructuring, and advanced color correction. Previously at Monica Foster Salon, Jen has returned to the beautiful Edge Hair Salon in downtown Palo Alto. She loves creating individualized looks for each client and is educated in chemistry, psychology, and behavioral science. Call or email for a consultation today!

A personal note from Jen to all those suffering from or touched by cancer:

It began over a decade ago, when I was a new stylist whose loyal client came to me with a sad request: she wanted me to cut her long hair very short, so as to make the transition easier when her chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the cancer with which she had just been diagnosed made her hair fall out. We did the cut, both rather emotional, and a curious thing happened - She looked in the mirror and felt empowered. Strong. Fierce. As it happened, that one little act of rebellion gave her a feeling of control over her disease, and that endowed her with the strength and positivity to attack the cancer on her terms.

Over the years, I did many more of these cuts on friends and clients alike - so many, in fact, that I came to call these special haircuts "Warrior Cuts." I was sending my people into a battle for their lives and health, after all. 

Recently, I went through a cancer scare of my own, and the full impact of the idea of losing one's hair and undergoing grueling, toxic treatments for months or years at time really hit home. Thankfully, the scare is behind me and I am in perfect health now. But it was after talking to my most recent Warrior Cut recipient, a longtime client and friend, that I began to think of taking the Warrior Cut concept public.

People who have been diagnosed with cancer are dealing with so much fear and confusion, the last thing they need is to worry about cutting their hair and explaining to a stranger why they're doing it. They don't need to pay for a haircut that is the last thing they would ever choose to get if they didn't have cancer. And they desperately need to have their power and control over their own bodies and lives restored, even if just to a small degree. People with cancer are gearing up to wage war against their illness, and the better equipped they are to enter into battle, the more likely they are to win. This is why I began the Warrior Cuts Initiative - because nobody who fights for her life should be called merely a patient.

The Warrior Cuts initiative is an offer to the community - all the community, not just my clients - to come in for your haircut before you begin your chemotherapy treatments and you will get your hair cut at no charge to you. The Warrior Cut is a pixie cut at the longest, but can be a mohawk, a buzz cut, a shaved head, or anything in between! Bring me your ideas for your fiercest battle cut, and I'll make it a reality. 

Cancer is fearsome. It is daunting and overwhelming. But a warrior keeps fighting, even in the face of unsurmountable challenges. Be a warrior. Show the world you may be scared, but you're never backing down. Come get your Warrior Cut, and go give cancer Hell!


-Jen Bradford

Founder & Chief Stylist, The Warrior Cuts Initiative